Up to 35% of companies offered for sale in the
middle market will successfully transfer ownership.

Most will liquidate or sell at a highly discounted price.

A minority of transactions will occur at a value and
time that would be desired by the seller.

For Baby Boomers who own a business, the pool of potential
buyers is smaller than the pool of potential sellers.

Exit Planning:

Exit planning is the preparation for the exit of an owner from his or her company. The process aims to maximize the value of the company in a merger or acquisition transaction. During the process, shareholder value should be maximized while important non-financial objectives that are important to the owner are identified and achieved. The distinction between exit planning and succession planning needs to be clarified. Succession planning is a sub-component of exit planning and concentrates on the hiring, training, and retention of key employees within the company. Succession planning is a formal process that ensures that the organization retains it's leadership and technical capacity into the future. Second Peak helps owners to see their company from the stand point of a potential buyer. Second Peak's program facilitates strategic action plans that focus on creating value.

Given these premises, exit planning includes activities that analyze and improve cash flow, prepare owners for a life transition, protect assets, minimize tax liabilities, provide for after transaction income, and successfully facilitate the actual transfer of ownership. Exit planning is specialized, covering many disciplines. There is no "one shoe fits all" recipe because every business owner and company is unique. The planning portion of the exit process is important because there are a lot of moving parts. To do it correctly, the process takes time. Success is difficult and often elusive since there will be more sellers than buyers in the future. It is important to start the process as early as possible. It is also important to recognize that many of the components of exit planning are just sound business practices. The process should leave you more knowledgeable and your company more sustainable. Please give us a call to discuss your specific situation.

Working Capital Optimization:

Working Capital Optimization is a process based on more than the simple formula: Current Assets – Current Liabilities = Working Capital

The professionals at Second Peak work with your leadership team to analyze the organization and search for the causes of waste and the unnecessary uses of cash. Finding these leaks requires a thorough examination of inventory, credit, collection, and operational processes to name a few. At Second Peak we’ll work with your organization’s management team to modify those processes that could be more efficient and effective.

Executive Coaching:

Second Peak works with executives to aid them in performing their jobs more effectively or aid in the personal management of their projects. The professionals at Second Peak become the executive’s sounding board, offering diverse and unbiased options for their consideration.

Executive coaching engagements include a plan to strengthen the individual, so they are better prepared to help the organization to meet and exceed its goals and responsibilities. These engagements are focused on personal development and mentoring.

Please note: Second Peak does not get involved in personal or mental health related issues

Education and Training:

Second Peak believes that the ability of an organization to grow is directly correlated to its combined intellect. Edith Penrose’s, “Theory of the Growth of the Firm” is a foundation of how our program develops strategic thinkers. If you want your organization to get smarter and make better decisions. Please give us a call at (724) 328–3276 to discuss your specific situation.

Start Planning Now

Approximately 50% of business transactions occur when it is not expected; therefore preparing to transition your business should start early. Ownership will change at some time in the future and when it does, you want the business to be at its highest value so that you can reap the greatest benefit. The earlier you start the process, the greater the probability that your goals will be achieved.

Why Second Peak?

We look at the operations of your organization and determine ways to create efficiencies and increase value. Our emphasis is on maximizing the organization’s free cash flow and economic value. While we offer many of the services of traditional exit planners, our process goes deeper so that we can help our clients meet their goals. Speed to market, flexibility, capacity, zero defect quality management, strategic marketing and pricing are just a few topics Second Peaks' program embraces that separate us from other exit planners.

Business Owners

Passing On A Family Business

Transitioning a business to the next
generation is difficult if that generation
is not prepared. Let us help.

Working With Professional Advisors

Our process involves a team approach which includes a group of professionals with specialized skills.

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