Working With Professional Advisors

Do you have a client who could benefit from a transition or exit strategy? We understand that many professional service providers are not prepared to lead a client through this process. Second Peak will work with you and your client to ensure a smooth transition. Our strategies involve a team approach which includes a group of professionals with specialized skills, including CPAs, insurance brokers, and lawyers. We would include you and your firm in the process.

We understand the importance of your client regarding tax returns, audits, reviews, or compilations to your firm’s business, and it is not our intent to compete with you in any way. In fact, it is our policy to sign a non-solicitation and a non-compete agreement with your firm. Our goal is to best serve your client and enhance their ability to transition in the future. Please feel free to contact Tom Lusk by completing the form or calling (724) 328–3276.

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Disclaimer: Second Peak does not engage in the selling of securities, annuities or insurance.