You Should Consider Exit Planning If:

• You are nearing the end of your career and your wealth is limited and tied to your business.
• Your business requires innovation and new strategies to compete in the marketplace.
• The business is challenged and maintaining its current market position is difficult without aggressive planning.
• Work is something that is no longer enjoyable.

Transitioning a Family Business

Once an established family business is ready to pass to the next generation, most experience a loss of value as a result of the transition. This means that much of the hard work and assets that were developed by the original owner ( or earlier generations ) will lose value as they transfer to the next generation. Second Peak can help your family business make a smooth transition from generation to generation, through consensus building, executive coaching, planning, and improved communications.

Waiting Can Cost You Money and Peace of Mind

While it is reasonable for an owner to expect to be in control of the timing of his or her transition, in reality, often transitions occur due to an unforeseen event, such as death or illness. Unplanned transitions very rarely result in maximizing the value of the company.

At Second Peak, we help our clients to plan their transitions so that they can have peace of mind, knowing that they and their family can reap the highest value possible from the sale of the company while providing for their employees who have served the company for so long. If the decision is made not to sell, our involvement will result in the company being made sustainable and resilient.

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